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L. Truchon

"Prileu Davis is knowledgeable, easy to understand and applies game situation to his skill development drills. He is a great teacher of the game and approaches the athletes with respect, but also with high expectations to achieve results."

I have to congratulate coach Prileu Davis on a tremendous camp. He is a TEACHER first and foremost giving both life AND basketball lessons to each and every camper. He took time to explain every step of every drill, whether it was a simple dribble warmup to the most challenging “move without the ball” shooting drill. He was very courteous and respectful to both parents and campers, and made sure to expect the same respect for his time and effort from the kids. This was the best instructional weekend of basketball I have witnessed, and have nothing but praise for Coach Davis and his staff. I will instill the same work ethic that he expected from my son in all his workouts going forward. The only thing I kept saying to myself all weekend, and when I got home is I should have brought my daughter to this camp as well. Thank you so much Coach Davis!

P. Trifos

"Coach Davis explains reasons behind why you do things fundamentally. He explained and showed when things were done wrong. He was stern with the kids. Something my boy needs as he will be trying out for high school for the first time. He also praised them for doing things right. He was very knowledgeable of the game. And biggest thing, he did a great job of being able to teach it. Which makes a great coach."


"Prileu's delivery and energy was excellent, his ability to get the athletes' attention and communicate his message was exceptional."

B. Keating

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