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Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep throug

Founded in 2009 by Prileu Davis, Basketball Science prides itself in successfully aiding athletes to reach their maximum level of performance. With a very humble beginning, Basketball Science has grown into a highly respected and reputable training program for athletes that are determined to maximize their growth and potential in the game of basketball and in life.

Our Philosophy

Through years of personal experiences, our team has come to realize that our successes and failures on the basketball court, and the manner in which we respond to them, can be directly applied to how we tackle everyday life. Because playing at the collegiate and or professional level is not an opportunity that is afforded to all athletes, we at Basketball Science are committed to developing and transforming athletes into champions for life. It is important to our team that we are preparing athletes to succeed in all areas.

We encourage the athletes that we are blessed to work with to PLAY.

  • Prepare – Champions are created in the fire of training.

  • Live – It is not simply a game; athletes will develop the principles needed to succeed and persevere in life.

  • Achieve – Winning is not accidental; it is derived from intentional effort and hard work.

  • Yearn - YOU WILL WANT MORE. We will instill in you the desire to gain more skill and knowledge when others are ready to quit.

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